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Finding Cheap Whistler Accommodation Ain’t Easy

If you google “cheap whistler accommodation,” your search results will be an endless list of travel sites fighting to sell you rooms.

And guess what?

Saving you money is not their objective. The more you spend, the more they make.

So before giving in to booking on these sites, if you’re looking for last-minute and/or cheap Whistler accommodation, consider these options first.

1. The Bargain Bin

2. Airbnb

3. Hostels

4. Squamish

5. Desperate Times = Desperate Measures

1. The Bargain Bin: Whistler Suite Secrets

If you absolutely must stay in a hotel in Whistler, then “Suite Secrets” is your best bet.

It’s more expensive than the other cheap Whistler accommodation options mentioned here, but you can still sometimes value some decent last minute deals.

Suite Secrets is run by Tourism Whistler. You’ll get last minute bargain offers, but are only told the star-rating of the hotel and have to make a non-refundable payment before the name of the hotel is revealed.

Suite Secrets source of whistler last minute accommodation deals
What you’ll see searching on Suite Secrets (November prices).

2. Airbnb

It’s not unheard of to find entire apartments for under $150 a night during the ski season, and private rooms in shared apartments for under $80 on Airbnb.

You can also save more if you stay for longer because hosts typically charge hefty one-time cleaning fees.

Don’t be scared of Airbnb. It’s super safe, easy, convenient, and comfortable. The trick is to carefully read through the reviews from past guests. If they are overwhelmingly positive, you’re sure to have a fantastic experience. You might never stay at a hotel again!

You can even get $45 off your first trip if you’ve never used Airbnb before by using our special promo code. Click here.

Then click here to see if Airbnb is your answer to cheap Whistler accommodation.

3. Hostels

Don’t be so quick to reject hostels as an option for cheap Whistler accommodation. The hostels in Whistler are nice. Very nice.

They have chalet-style lounge areas for chilling out, fully equipped kitchens so you can save money on food, secure gear storage, parking, free wifi, and helpful local staff. These are things most hotels in Whistler either don’t offer or charge you extra for.

And if privacy is a concern, you should know that hostels have private rooms too, some with en-suite bathrooms.

So before assuming hostels aren’t for you, take a look at our guide to Whistler’s hostels. You might surprise yourself by finding one that suits your needs perfectly, and for way cheaper than any hotel.

whistler lodge hostel is a good cheap whistler accommodation option
Not your typical hostel lounge (image from Whistler Lodge Hostel)

4. Squamish

Only a (beautiful) 40-minute drive, bus, rideshare, or shuttle from Whistler, Squamish is an excellent option when:

  • Whistler is full
  • You want to save money
  • You prefer to avoid masses of tourists
  • You’re looking to do more than just ski

Squamish also has amazing backcountry skiing, a gondola of its own, and charming local cafés, bars, shops, and restaurants in town.

But most importantly, it’s way cheaper than Whistler. And if everything in Whistler is full, you can sometimes still find last-minute places to stay there.

At the centrally located Squamish Adventure Inn, you can get a private room with ensuite bath plus access to a fully equipped communal kitchen for as little as $75 a night. Dorms are just $38.50. And during the winters they have their own daily Whistler ski shuttle.

Alternatively, check out Sunwolf for a relaxing wilderness stay in one of their cozy cabins, or the Howe Sound Inn and its all-too-convenient downstairs brewpub.

Squamish adventure inn hostel exterior
Places like the Adventure Inn in Squamish are close to Whistler, much cheaper, and in a town worth exploring

5. Desperate Times = Desperate Measures

If none of the above cheap Whistler accommodation alternatives work for you, maybe try… Facebook. Join a group like Whistler Winter and ask the community if someone might have a room or couch to rent.

You can also try Couchsurfing, which is the best and cheapest option if you’re an experienced community member. But if you’ve never couchsurfed or hosted couchsurfers before you will likely have a tough time finding someone willing to host you.

Finally, if you’re insane enough to risk getting a crappy place and being ripped off entirely, there’s Craigslist.

Disclosure: Whenever possible, we use special links that earn us a cut if you pay for stuff we'd recommend anyway. It costs you nothing, so we’d be crazy not to.


  1. Hi where im a 18 year old in whistler looking for a spot to live by Sunday February 3 if you could get back to me as soon has you can would be amazing.

    1. Hey Mackenzie. Sorry but these recommendations are more for finding cheap short-term accommodation in Whistler, not long-term like you’re looking for. I’d recommend checking out the various Facebook groups.

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