No Bullshit. No Freeloading

If you work with us, you don’t have to worry about us milking you for a free stay or free gear then not living up to our end of the bargain.

Here are some case studies as proof.

These reports are real-time Google Analytics Data that show you the type of traffic, attention, and audience a post from us will generate for you.

If you partner with us, we’ll put together a similar report for you because we want you to know the no bullshit facts behind exactly what you get out of your work with us.

(There are 3 case studies here. Hover or click the bottom to scroll between them. Or click here to view them in a separate window.)

And if for some reason you care what our total site monthly traffic is like, here are those numbers:

Why NOT Work With Us

Before you get too excited, here’s why you might want to second-guess working with Kim and Chris of The Unconventional Route to promote your business.

1. You aren’t guaranteed a rave review

Our readers are our priority, not you.

These are our blogging commandments, which we won’t defy no matter how nicely you ask.

The Upside:

If you’re not just trying to buy publicity and honestly think you deserve a rave review, you will very likely get what you deserve. And our rave review will be more compelling and believable than one you get from a yes-man style influencer.

2. You can’t expect anyone to follow our recommendations

Our mission is to inspire readers to escape the ordinary and pursue the extraordinary by making their own discoveries and experiencing their own, unique stories, not playing follow the leader.

The Upside:

There are some products that make it easier to be extraordinary that we are happy to encourage our readers to try. The same goes for hotels; everyone needs a base for their extraordinary adventures, after all. 

3. You’re taking a risk on an “unproven” commodity

We only started taking this seriously in 2018 and we’ve only done a few partnerships with small hotels and tour operators so far, so there’s a risk we don’t deliver on our promises.

The Upside:

The risk is small compared to the potential reward.

Nobody we’ve worked with so far has complained about the traffic we’ve brought them (as shown in the case studies above).

4. You won’t get immediate returns

You definitely won’t get a heroin high of publicity from working with us because we don’t have hundreds of thousands of social media followers who will give you that instantaneous feel-good high of likes, comments, and shares you’re craving.

We only have—let’s see—471 Instagram followers and 235 likes on Facebook.

The Upside:

Instead of heroin-like spikes from social media, we offer you vitamin-like benefits through Google traffic (…which, our analysis has found, is much more effective than social media.)

It typically takes our posts a few months to rise in the Google search rankings and start reaping you benefits, but when they do they provide a steady dose of healthy page views and attention, month after month for years, just as the above case study reports show.

5. You will probably be rejected by us

If you’re crazy enough to ignore the previous four reasons not to work with us and make us a proposal, we’ll probably turn you down anyways.

We’re strategic and intentional about how and where we spend our time, so if your proposal doesn’t fit in with our plans, we’ll say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

The Upside:

You’ll earn our respect for being open to trying The Unconventional Route and we’ll keep you in consideration for the future.

(Well, unless you copy-paste an email you sent to hundreds of others, which is all we get in terms of “offers” these days.)

Still Not Scared?

If these reasons not to work with us haven’t scared you off, send us a message using the form below or email us at info [at] with how you propose we work together.