Stay Away From The Unconventional Route?

Here’s why you might want to second-guess working with Kim and Chris and The Unconventional Route to promote your business.

1. You’re not guaranteed a rave review

Our readers are our priority, not you.

Our religion is blogging, our readers are our saviors, and we devoutly follow our blogging commandments. Even if we like you we won’t defy these commandments for you.

The Upside:

If you’re not just trying to buy publicity and honestly think you deserve a rave review, you will very likely get what you deserve. And this rave review will be more compelling, believable than one you get from a yes-man style influencer.

(Are you wondering whether you deserve it or not? That’s not a good sign.)

2. You can’t expect anyone to follow our recommendations

We explicitly encourage our readers to escape the ordinary and be trailblazers. They’re supposed to make their own discoveries and experience their own, unique stories, not follow us like donkeys chasing a carrot.

The Upside:

There are some products that make it easier to be a trailblazer that we are happy to encourage our readers to try. And even though we may not encourage our readers to do the exact same things as us, we’re happy to recommend hotels to base their own adventures from and destinations that have plenty of potential for extraordinary travel stories. 

3. You’re taking a risk on an “unproven” commodity

Up until now, the number of collaborations we’ve done with partners is…


There are no testimonials or references you can rely on to prove that we can be trusted to do what we say we will. And even if we do, who knows if our work will get you what you want. You’ll have to trust us. That’s a risk.

The Upside:

The risk is small and the potential reward is large.

It’s like being an early-stage investor in Silicon Valley. There’s a chance The Unconventional Route blows up (….in a good way. And in a bad way). If it works out, you’d be like an early investor in Facebook!

4. You won’t get immediate returns

You definitely won’t get a heroin high of publicity from working with us.

The Unconventional Route doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of social media followers who will give your business that feel-good high of likes, comments, and shares that you crave. We have—let’s see—370 Instagram followers and 235 likes on Facebook.

Google doesn’t fully trust our site either. It normally takes three months or more for our posts to earn Google’s trust and rise up towards the top of the search rankings.

The Upside:

Instead of heroin, we offer you vitamins.

The benefits of our posts take some time to kick in and won’t get you high, but they will provide you a steady state of healthy page views and attention, month after month for years.

Check out this analysis that finds that a blog post on a little site like ours are quite possibly worth more to brands than an Instagram post on an account with 100,000 highly-engaged followers.

5. You will probably be rejected by us

If you’re crazy enough to ignore the previous four reasons not to work with us and make us a proposal, we’ll probably turn you down anyways.

Contrary to appearances, we’re strategic and intentional about how and where we spend our time. If your proposal doesn’t fit in with our plans, we’ll say no.

The Upside:

You’ll earn our respect for being open to trying The Unconventional Route and we’ll keep you in consideration for the future.

(Well, unless you copy-paste an email you sent to hundreds of others, which is all we get in terms of “offers” these days.)

Still Not Scared?

If these reasons not to work with us haven’t scared you off, send us a message using the form below or email us at info [at] with how you propose we work together.