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Better Than Ever!

Hello hello,

As you’ll see, we’ve tweaked our Unconventional Monthly a bit.

Get ready to organize a fun dinner party, get intimate with a stranger, make the easiest cake ever, and watch a shitty video. 

Kim not liking her taste of one of the best Colombian aguardientes

1. Unconventional Idea of the Month

Make friends in a new city, reconnect with old ones, and ensure everyone has a good time while learning something with Kim and my go-to technique:

Blind taste test parties.

You can blind taste test anything. We’ve done croissants, Bolognese sauce, California roll sushi, pizza, gelato, Colombian cheese, coffee, rum, aguardiente, coffee, and various types of beer and wine.

People are always extra excited to attend these events, they create easy and fun conversation, and we always make interesting discoveries. 

Read any post we linked to above for some best practices and let us know what you’d want to blind taste test.

Number 7 of the 36 questions.

2. Something Extraordinary

Forge an intimate relationship with anybody in just 45 minutes with these 36 questions

According to The Power of Moments, strangers who’ve gone through these scientifically-devised and increasingly intense questions rate their level of intimacy as high as that of best friends or family members.

Kim and I went through them on a date night and… we had to split it into two nights because it sparked so much conversation. 

3. Kim’s Kitchen Corner

Need something to ensure everyone leaves your blind taste test party with a good taste in their mouths? 

Try my go-to Flourless Chocolate Torte recipe that’s so fool-proof even Chris couldn’t screw it up.

It’s super easy and requires only basic ingredients (just use good quality chocolate!), but your guests won’t think so. They’ll be oohing and awwing as they take their first (and fifteenth) bites. 

4. What’s New With Us

We’re back in hometown Vancouver for a few weeks following a rough and tumble (but scenic!) road trip through Namibia. I’ve been a bit sick these past few days and suspect it’s because I’m allergic to Canada. 

On the Unconventional Route, we’re experimenting with and dreaming up ways for people who stumble down our way to get to know us better. 

In addition to these emails and thoughts of making podcast episodes we could embed in our travel guides, we’re trying…


Check out our first attempt about the “Perfect day in Cape Town” I planned for Kim’s birthday and give us your constructive criticism.

5. Question for You

What’s been your most memorable dinner party activity? 

Until next time!

Keep taste testing life,

Kim & Chris

Want Something Extraordinary?

We’ll give you 1 exclusive unconventional idea a month…
…if you give us your email.

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