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Our Guide to Colombia’s Brooklyn

Envigado best things to do guide cover image of a man sitting in front of a house

We lived in Envigado for a couple months and loved it. It felt to us like a pre-invasion-of-the-hipster Brooklyn.

For an unfiltered, unconventional guide to the best neighborhoods, restaurants, nightlife, and things to do check it out.


Colombian Restaurants

  • La Gloria de Gloria ($$)
    • “a casual corner restaurant that serves up some of the best chicharrón in, quite possibly, the world” – NYT
    • “arguably the most famous restaurant in Envigado. The secret to their success? Amazing portion sizes, delectable chicharrón and the sweetest owner on earth, Gloria Cecilia Ramirez.” – CI
    • “one plate is enough for three people.” – ML
  • El Pipelon ($)
    • “Lunch for two cost about $5 and was ridiculously delicious…so if you’re on a budget, this is great spot.” – BV
    • “our favorite lunch local…It can be a bit noisy from the street trafic. But friendly staff and great food make up for it.” – AH
  • Brasarepa ($)
    • “unpretentious setting…was featured in Anthony Bourdain’s 2008 Colombia episode of No Reservations” – NM
    • “I actually ate here twice and while it was fine, it never crossed my mind to include it on the list. Imagine my surprise when I found out Anthony Bourdain featured this little hole in the wall restaurant” – SN
  • La Cocina de Tata ($$)
    • “This Colombian-creole style family restaurant served me some of the best local food I had while in Envigado” – WL
  • Trifasico (Colombian, Envigado, $$)
    • “for all the meat lovers” – ML
  • La Sazón de Martica ($)
    • “Look for the “garage” with about 6 tables inside. It is usually packed by noon, so get there at 11.” – BV
  • El Nuevo Campín ($)
    • “Another ridiculously cheap, ridiculously delicious restaurant. Less than $10USD got us a soup, seco, and a drink and amazing service.” – BV

International Restaurants

  • Lemoncillo (Vietnamese, $$)
    • “We weren’t expecting anything good, but the food was incredibly fresh, the flavors were right, and so was the price. “ – BV
    • “something a little healthier and perhaps outside of paisa offerings…you can find fresh, healthy Vietnamese food” – CI
    • “The spring rolls are one of the most refreshing appetizers I’ve ever had…The Tom Kha Gai, a coconut curry with veggies, chicken, and rice, is also phenomenal” – SN
  • Barbacoa Burgers and Beer (Comfort Food, Multiple Locations, $$)
    • “if you feel like a gourmet hamburguesa” – ML
    • “They pair up burgers and beers and they have a great selection of imported & local brews” – AH
  • El Barral (Spanish, Envigado, $$$)
    • “Great tapas and fantastic service. They have a tiny outdoor area up front where you can sit and people watch. Highly recommended.” – BV
    • “if you’re in the mood for some delicious Spanish tapas” – ML
  • Chiclayo (Peruvian, $$$)
    • “Super yummy Peruvian food and much cheaper than Cuzco (located near El Tesoro Mall). Killer Ceviches…stay away from the Pisco Sours…the hangover is a killer.” – BV
    • “While prices here are above average for Medellin, the surpassing quality of the meal and the excellent service make up for it.” – DC
  • Pizzeria Olivia (Pizza, $$)
    • “Great appetizers, pizza and sangria. ‘Nuff said.” – SW
    • “Not NYC pizza, but some of the best we had in town.” – BV
  • Zacatecas (Mexican, $$)
    • “the hot sauce was actually hot…not something you normally find in Colombia…There are other fancier Mexican places in Envigado, but this is where you want to go, trust me.” – BV
  • Torteria Mexicana la Chilanga (Mexican, $$)
    • “ a restaurant that brings the authentic and delicious street food he saw while living in Mexico City back to his home town”- WL
  • Salpijugos (Healthy, $$)
    • “had I known this healthy-focused family restaurant existed sooner, I would have been here every day to try the menu del dia offering.”- WL
  • Pizzeria Antica Italia (Pizza, $$)
    • “Now I see why this place is full every night! They serve huge New York size slices with awesome, fresh ingredients, and are always changing up pizza specials.”- WL
  • Veneca Arepas Venezolanas (Venezuelan, $$)
    • “authentic Venezuelan arepas that are the best in town…open only on Friday and Saturday night.” – CI
  • Stella (Envigado) CLOSED
    “My favorite…the place I went for my birthday dinner this year.” – ML
  • Mahalo Sports Action Café– (Bar Food, $$)
    • “up on the mountainside with a phenomenal panoramic view of Medellin…built into an old home, so it has tons of outdoor space, porches, tables under the trees, a fire pit, and even a half pipe and paintball field! The food isn’t too bad either.” – SN
  • Sushi Service Barra – (Sushi, $$)
    • “a little hole in the wall with an attentive staff and great ambiance. Visit on a Tuesday for the two for one roll special.” – SN
  • Black Pepper Steakhouse – ($$$)
    • “If you value a great steak, don’t hesitate to splurge on this carnivorous cornerstone” – DC
  • Ragazzi ($$)
    • “Not only is Ragazzi run by an adorable husband and wife duo, they are also (finally!) bringing the craft beer scene into Envigado!…the pizza and pasta are both amazing, and the desserts (especially the lemon cheesecake!) are to die for” – SN

Street Food / Takeaway / Fast Food

  • Contenedores Food Place (Various Food Stalls, $$)
    • “This is a container park turned food hall. More “expensive” than the rest of Envigado – Maybe $30 USD for an appetizer, two sandwiches, and two drinks…but so worth it.” – BV
    • “built by stacking shipping containers on top of each other and draping the place in fairy lights, making a strange grown up version of a secret garden or maze… but with food” – SN
  • La Chocolera (Colombian / Street Food, $)
    • “a sweet corn cake with massive amount of fresh, Colombian cheese on top, and La Chocolera in Envigado does it the best.” – WL
  • Devoción (Street Food, Envigado, $)
    • “Great place for a cheat meal…a small menu inspired by street & bar food of the world…Their “poutine” was ridiculously delicious” – BV
  • Kokorico (Chicken, $)
    • “I dream of the day this chain is all over the world. Awesome roasted chicken, great soups…and they give you plastic gloves so you don’t dirty your fingers….yummy!” – BV
  • Empanadas la Catedral ($)
    • “There are only two choices, which is how you know it’s good. Desmechadas is pulled beef and potatoes, and Tradicional is ground beef and potatoes.” – SN


  • Antonio’s Gelato
    • “With a rotating stock of delicacies – like key lime, cafe, Manyusa, arroz (honeyed caramel), cocoa fudge, and lemon sorbet – any traveller with a hankering for satisfaction can find their sweet spot.” – DC
    • “Awesome homemade ice cream” – BV
  • Pércimon
    • “Percimon has a plethora of every type of heavenly flavored frozen treats you could want – from Greek yogurt to delicious gelato, and fresh fruit juices.”- CI
  • Ambrosia Repostería
    • “If you really want a decedent dessert, this is your stop.” – AH


  • Casa Museo Otraparte (Envigado)
    • “a museum, library and café all rolled into one…opens at 3 pm, but the open-air seating and garden areas (with WiFi) are available to use at any time… If you stay long enough, you can easily transition into nighttime drinks.” – SW
    • “a super cute outdoor cafe where you can sit, read a book, and have a few snacks. On Saturday nights, this place is poppin’, so get here early.” – BV
    • “the servers are friendly, the coffee is delicious and the atmosphere is amazing. You don’t need more than that, but they are giving it to you anyway.” – CI
    • “If you want some culture, go to Otraparte” – ML
    • “The covered outdoor cabana seating, wrapped around a patio, and open floorplan inside, communicates the free-flowing mindset of it’s former resident.” – DC
    • “a bit of the coffee shop experience but can also be a great place to wind down the day with some good friends and a nice bottle of wine.” – AH
  • Cocolatte Café
    • “Not only do they have excellent coffee, they prepare excellent coffee…They also have really good wifi and a beautiful, welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for reading, studying or get some work done”- WL
    • “The friendly baristas will enlighten you on their process, demonstrating exactly how each specialty drink was made in a very special way. Not into coffee? No problem. Try the refreshing sweet drink of limonada de coco – a simply mindblowing juice.” – CI
    • “It’s in the cute little area on Sur 30 in Envigado with quiet streets, shop fronts, greenery, and an almost European vibe to it. It’s the perfect place to chill on a lazy Saturday afternoon, and Cocolatte is a must visit when there.” – SN
  • La Venta de Dulcinea
    • “the walls are decorated with artists from throughout the ages, and you could feel the Bohemian vibe of this place. Next time I’ll have to go for a live performance of some kind!” – WL

Bars & Nightlife


  • El Callejon
    • “The bartenders all have dreads down their backs and are the chillest guys, the music is always good, and you’ll always find a full dance floor. What’s not to love?” – WL
  • Pick Your Own Small Bar
    • “go for beers in any of the small, hole-in-the-wall bars that can be found in every neighborhood. The bars facing any park, such as Parque Envigado, offer good people watching opportunities too.” – YTB
  • La Cabaña del Recuerdo
    • “Envigado has tons of cool little bars that you can visit throughout the week. But on Wednesday or Thursday night, you should go. Go around 9ish to get a table. The place fills up with music enthusiasts who love to listen to live music and enjoy a beer or two.” – AH2


  • El Son de la Loma
    • “If you’re looking for a traditional, hole-in-the-wall, authentic salsa experience in Envigado, this is the place.” – WL
    • “a salsa bar in Envigado where you can get a little practice in a real-life setting. But you’ll have to venture beyond the borders of this charming neighborhood to find some of the more popular salsa clubs” – CI
  • Dulce Jesus Mi Pueblo
    • “Characters include the policemen, midget, the doctor or a ‘typical’ old fashioned Paisa. The night starts off calmly, but fast forward 4 hours – the entire crowd is dancing on the dance floor or next to their table.” – CI
  • La Tienda
    • “a fonda, or a paisa restaurant that becomes a disco where people dance next to their tables, is great for salsa and merengue.” – ML

Things to Do in Envigado


  • Parque Envigado
    • “It’s more of a main square than a park, but it’s a great place to go to get a feel for the culture and the people of this area.” – WL
    • “A lovely one square block plaza…You will often find locals dancing to live music…and of course, there’s food and drink.” – BV
    • “While there, don’t forget to peek inside of the towering white Roman Catholic church, Inglesia de Santa Gertrudis.” – CI
    • “a convenient place to meet up with friends, and is also the epicenter of public events in the city” – ML
    • “Find yourself a local treat in the park and kick back and watch Colombian life unfold.” – AH2
  • Cancha de Tejo
    • “A traditional game…here’s the fun part – those envelopes are full of gunpowder, so if your tejo hits one, you guessed it – it explodes loudly and sounds like a gunshot”- WL
    • “a fun and wild game that came from the native people of Colombia. It involves throwing a metal puck at gunpowder buried in clay while consuming a lot of beer.” – CI
  • Parque El Salao
    • “Tucked away up the hill from the main square, this park has many splendid surprises for nature lovers…you can follow the trails outside of the park’s fence into dense jungle that makes you feel far from the chaos of the city.” – CI
    • “Bring up a pick-nick and take a dip in the river.” – AH2
  • Arenales Hiking
    • “What’s special about this spot is that it’s unknown to foreigners and tourists. And even better, it’s teeming with rivers, waterfalls, luscious green mountains, and tree-lined paths.” – TLE
    • “The trail winds through a river, so prepare to get wet feet/shoes. It peaks at a waterfall where you can take a dip in the cold pool. It feels great on a warm day.” – AH2
  • Columbia Immersion Friday Night Language Exchange
    • “Locals and foreigners meet up from 6:30 to 10:30 at the Envigado campus to practice speaking Spanish and English and enjoy beer, snacks, and games together…The Colombia Immersion activities team always creates some sort of icebreaker game that prompts conversations between strangers, and it’s a whole lot of fun and a great way to practice.”- WL
  • Sunday Cyclovia
    • “the perfect opportunity to walk, run or rent a bike and tour the city while get to do some physical activity” – DTT


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