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Can you drink liquid nitrogen? Can you shake a cocktail shaker faster than a drag racer accelerates? Can you drink 35 cocktails in one night? If you are an inquisitive imbiber like we are, these are the questions that keep you up at night. Well no more! Science World’s Science of Cocktails event has the answers.

For one unforgettable night a year, Science World’s emblematic golf ball transforms into a giant high ball glass as Canada’s top bartenders take over and infuse it with their one-of-a-kind cocktails. It’s a wild night of novel experiences and it’s all for a good cause, as all proceeds go towards Science World’s Class Field Trip Program.

Here are some of the questions you’ll get answers to at this exclusive fundraising soiree, and why you won’t want to miss it next year:

Can you drink liquid nitrogen?

In one of many demonstrations at the event, a Science World staffer taught us that if you were to put your hand in -200°C liquid nitrogen for just three seconds, it’d freeze into a block of ice that you could smash to pieces by banging on a table.

Naturally, the next question to ask is: What happens if you drink it?

Well Christof Kalaitzis and Daniel Giraldo had the answer. Liquid nitrogen was the star ingredient of their otherworldly Gin & Tonic “Pop Corns”. We tried, and we’re still here to brag about it, but we won’t spoil the surprise.

Can you make a chameleon cocktail?

How can the magic of science change a cocktail from blue, to green to yellow? What does it taste like?

And does your pee change colour too?

The only way to find out is to experience Reece Sims and Keith Hoffman’s Camouflage Cosmo at the Science World Science of Cocktails. All we’ll tell you is that the answer to one of the questions above is, “No, it’s still yellow”.

Science World - Science of Cocktails
Preparing the “Camouflage Lemon Drop”. It’s blue… for now.

Can you shake it like the pros?

Do you think you’ve got the jiggle-ability of a master mixologist? Well at the Science of Cocktails you’ll have your chance to prove it. Strap an accelerometer to a cocktail shaker and see if you have better luck than we did trying to beat this year’s record of 130 m/s2, which is three times the acceleration of a dragster.

Science World - Science of Cocktails - Shaker Challenge
Chris scares some of the Science of Cocktails volunteers at the Shake Challenge

Can you pronounce orgeat?

Sure you could just google it, or maybe you’re more cultured than we are and already know. But it’s a lot more fun to learn by trying it in the alcoholic orgeat candy floss made by Sovereign Wine & Spirits’ Jon Smolensky and Revel Room‘s bar manager Carolyn Yu, and then asking them.

Science World - World of Cocktails - Cotton Candy Cocktail
Japanese Cocktail with Orgeat Candy Floss: Hennessy, orgeat, Angostura bitters

Can you turn alcohol into ice cream?

Alcohol freezes -114°C, so that’d make a VERY refreshing scoop of ice cream, right? Well at Science World’s Science of cocktails you can find out by tasting Pidgin bartenders Frank Gosser and Julia Comu’s Smoked Pork Fat Wash Boulevardier Ice Cream.

Pork fat? That’s right. The bourbon that’s frozen and used in the cocktail is infused with pork fat. The resulting taste is beyond whatever you could possibly imagine.

Can you reinvent the cocktail shaker?

Can you imagine a cocktail shaker that doesn’t freeze your hands, never leaks, even an amateur can shake like a pro, and holds up to 1.5 litres of deliciousness?

We couldn’t until Michael Mooney, brand ambassador for Monkey Shoulder Whisky, revealed to us the Konga. It’s unlike any shaker you’ve ever seen. And once you see it you’ll want one as desperately as we do.

Can you avoid a hangover?

How do Canada’s best booze slingers cure their hangovers? Well we asked them all! We also asked Mayor Gregor Robertson for good measure. Discover all the (mostly very unscientific) hangover cures here.

Can you drink from an origami shot glass? Sure looks like it!

Can you tell vodka from whiskey when you’re deprived of your senses?

At the Science of Cocktails, you’ll have the chance to have Grant Sceney, head bartender at the Fairmont Pacific Rim and Diageo World Class Canada Bartending Competition winner, blind you, plug your nose, and serve you a mystery drink. (It sounds kinkier than it is.)

Can you tell what the drink is? And how do your perceptions change when you can see and smell again? The result is… sense-ational!

senseless Kim
Kim looking like a senseless alcoholic scuba diver.

Can you try them all?

This year’s Science World Science of Cocktails offered an brain-boggling 35 different cocktail stations. Since the event lasts three and a half hours, that leaves you just 6 minutes per cocktail to try them all. Are you up for the challenge?

Science World - Science of Cocktails - Chris & Japanese Cocktail with Orgeat Floss
Chris isn’t even halfway through all the cocktails and he’s already losing it.

Can you get tickets?

Yes! For a limited time, you can get pre-sale tickets for just $125. And though the next Science of Cocktails is not until Feb 8, 2018, they’re already selling fast. This year’s event sold out months in advance, so don’t delay and miss your chance.

And if you’re on the fence, note that all proceeds go to Science World’s Class Field Trip Program. Your ticket will pay for four disadvantaged students to come for a day-long field trip to learn the wonders of science at Science World.

Oh, and since it’s a fundraiser for charity, you get a tax-deductible receipt!

So, if you want find the answers to the questions above, get yourself a ticket before they sell out. It’s an amazingly fun and well-run event, a fantastic early Valentine’s Day gift, and something you’ll never forget (despite the copious amounts of alcohol).

See you there!

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