Chris and Kim walking in the desert in Jordan.

For the Curious Who Wonder, “Maybe There’s a Better Way…”

Reaching to the top of Paramo El Sol at sunrise in Colombia

Live Outside the Box

Maybe There’s a Better Way to…

Chris sitting looking at an empty plate and drinking plain water during his fast.

Diet? Like not eating at all.

Kim making the same pondering face as the lady in the street art behind her while living in Mexico City.

Pick a home? Like Moving to a new city for a few months?

Chris lifts a super heavy rock at the beach during a beach workout in Vancouver, Canada.

Exercise?Like ditching the gym for outdoor training?

Kim not liking her taste of one of the best Colombian aguardientes

Taste? Like challenging your biases with blind taste tests?

Go From Status Quo to Status… Whoa!


Kim and Chris squatting by the most expensive jamon de iberico pigs in Southern Spain.

Created by a Couple of Curious Canadians


Kim walking over bridge in Jardin Colombia

Unconventional’s Getting … Popular?

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Chris doing a thumbs up on our way to Spitzkoppe

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Kim is ready for anything standing on the edge of Fish River Canyon in Namibia