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This is the first ever of what will hopefully become a glorious tradition of monthly updates from Kim and I that will inspire us all to think more unconventionally, get to know each other, and escape the ordinary.

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Please Be Gentle


This is Kim and my first ever Unconventional Route newsletter!

We’re nervous.

So, to the whopping 115 of you getting this, a request:

Please be gentle. 

Take it easy on us. Don’t leave us for being awkward on our first time. We’ll try to get better with experience…

Hopefully, you might even kind of enjoy it. We want these monthly updates to be as good for you as they are for us, after all.

According to the how-to guides we studied to prepare for this, it’s best to keep things simple so we’re going to try to include the same five items every month.

Ready? Here we go…

1. Unconventional Idea of the Month

Screenshot of our appearance in Mens Health

Last month, I was quoted in Men’s Health

Pretty cool, right?

Unfortunately, the article isn’t about fitness. It’s about men sitting down to pee, which I strongly stand for (…or sit down for). 

While you may think it trivial, I think it’s important. Not because it matters whether a guy sits down or stands up to pee, but because it’s a good example of questioning your habits and trying something different.

I converted to sitting after 30 years of standing. Have you sat down to ponder a habit you could change?

2. What’s New from The Unconventional Route

As you might have seen, we’ve put ads on our site.

Kim and I dislike ads as much as anyone, but we like the much-needed money they bring in more (currently about $30 per 3,000 page views we get daily, if you’re curious).

Since adding ads, I’ve had a surprising mindset shift. I feel more inclined than ever to enhance our readers’ experience so they stay on our site longer, see more ads, and earn us more money. 

This feels less sleazy than trying to milk as much affiliate income as we can from of our readers.

What do you think?

3. What’s New from Kim and Chris

Beautiful Cape Town

Our six months in Cape Town are running out at the end of April, so we’ve got to figure out where we’re going to live next.

We’re considering Spain (Valencia or Malaga) and France (Bordeaux), but they may be too expensive for us (…unless all of you help us by going on our site and looking at ads all day!).

We want to be somewhere warm, friendly, not too expensive, by the water, and with good internet.

Any suggestions?

4. Comment of the Month

Gaylon's funny comment of the month.

Gaylon wins the prize for her honest and funny feedback on our post about my first ever 3-day fast.

It’s just too bad she won’t be making us YouTube famous now!

5. Question for You:

What’s your best travel tip?

We’re looking for ideas for a new post, The Travel Tips Our Moms Never Told Us, and would love to hear and include your best tips too.


That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Chris & Kim

How Was That for You?

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  1. I have heard many are traveling though Portugal its cheap and quite lovely, you can find quite places quite easy and flights are also cheaper. Safe travels love your blog and ideas.

    1. Good idea, Jane! Portugal is indeed an option we need to consider. Our concern is Lisbon might have become too popular these days and the beach isn’t super accessible there, but maybe other cities are worth living in for a few months. We’re going to look into it. Thanks!

  2. wow! mentioned in Men´s health for suggesting sit down pee. I love it.
    anyway, looooove your blog! seriously! I feel like I am talking to someone who is not trying to impress me but truly share insightful information and I need a ton of that.

    Very specific request if one day you run out of ideas to blog about. I looooove camping but I am, you could say, a beginner. I’ve herd of people who just take their cars on a friday night and just drive and camp nowhere and hike until they find lakes no one else has… like how? first of all.. it is a bit terrifying.. am I breaking some law? will a bear eat me? and I´m talking camping outside a planned reservation on the BC travel website.
    Should I mention I have a child to make it a bit more challenging?
    Again, really not trying to demand… more like if you have nothing else to write about ,)

    1. Hola Ale. That’s a good question that I don’t know the answer to either and a good idea. Speaking of good ideas, how about you give some of this “wild camping” a try and write a post for us about it? (…if the bears don’t eat you)

      1. Hey, you said you needed ideas lol. I might do it one day. Or we could do it together if you dare spend that much time with a baby.

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