Kim getting out of pool and making a dumb face in Namibia
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Get ready to sit up straight(-er), be more plugged in, and play gastronomical Russian roulette in this Unconventional Monthly.

Alexander Technique review cover image of Chris lying on the ground as instructed by his teacher.
Chris doing his intense Alexander Technique homework.

1. Unconventional Idea of the Month

Mindfulness and meditation are all the rage these days.

They say it clears your mind, reduces stress, and makes you more effective.

But what about the body?

Mindfulness for the body. Body-fulness!

That’s how Chris ended up defining the Alexander Technique, a methodology popular among actors and musicians like Paul McCartney and Hugh Jackman improve their performance by destressing their body and reducing pain from repetitive stress.

Why not us normal folk, too?

Maybe it has the potential to go mainstream, just like mindfulness has.

Check out our newly published Alexander Technique review, where Chris shares his experience from ten Alexander Technique sessions, to judge for yourself.

2. Something Extraordinary

Sometimes instead of fancy new inventions, the best discoveries are basic things put to better use.

Learning it’s better to peel a banana the other way, like a monkey does, for example.

Or, this one simple thing that we’ve added to our packing list and has made all our travels better:

An extension cord.

It always comes in handy: at airports and Airbnbs with inconveniently-located plugs; in countries with different types of plugs because it turns one outlet into three, and even as a rope or clothes hanger when push comes to shove.

Trust us, there’s not much of a better investment than the $6 spent on a 12-footer from your nearest hardware store or from Amazon.

(For more packing tips, see Chris’ go-to, ever-evolving 57-item list)

Spanish food and recipe for pimientos de Padron from Spain
Tapas time.

3. Kim’s Kitchen Corner

Move over, bell peppers.

I first tasted Padron peppers at a tapas bar in Barcelona, about ten years ago, and was instantly hooked.

The small, bite-sized Padron peppers are fried until slightly blistered, and are served with a dusting of sea salt. They’re slightly sweet, spicy, and put bell peppers to shame.

They’re often called “Russian Roulette” peppers because one in every ten or so can be extremely spicy.

Not super adventurous? Go for the similar shishito peppers, instead.

Add some danger to your next dinner party by giving this recipe a shot.

4. What’s New With Us

Chris and Kim drinking wine on a dune in Namibia.
Sunset toast while feeling toasty on our private sand dune in Namibia.
Read our opinion on whether or not Namibia’s worth visiting.


We made it through three flat tires and endless hours of Namibia Desert Torture (but also some amazing things) during our two-week Namibia Road Trip.

(Check out our 4-Part Namibia Dusty-Nation Series if interested.)

Then we ate 24 foods in 24 hours on a layover in Taipei on the way back to hometown Vancouver, where we reunited with friends and family. (And so I could eat some “real Japanese food.”)

Now we’re on to our new home for the next three months: Valencia, Spain!

We’re excited to practice our Spanish, eat and drink a lot of tapas, paella, and wine, and build on our beach volleyball skills we acquired in Cape Town.

Please let us know if you have any friends or tips for Valencia.

Oh and another exciting announcement. But that’ll come next month.

5. Question for You

What’s one item you always pack that most other people don’t?

Hasta pronto!

Kim & Chris

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  1. 24 foods in 24 hours is amazing! (I still don’t know how you did it!)

    Hmm, the one item I always pack that nobody else does… waaay TMI, but probably gas-relieving medication for flights to ease the discomfort of cabin pressure changes (and it’s pretty easy to tell that no one else packs it – whew).

    1. Haha, that’s a good one Krystal. Thanks! I’m not courteous enough to have ever thought about that, instead I do like everyone else and count on the seat cushion to muffle the sound… but not the smell. Do you give it to everyone sitting around you too out of self-interest, haha? Come to think of it, airlines should hand them out along with headphones.

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