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For Excel Nerds and Tightwads Only

For all you people making budget for your upcoming Sri Lanka trip, cheap-asses like me, and/or number nerds, attached is an Excel tracking of every single expense my girlfriend and I incurred while traveling there for 13 days in June, 2014.

Here’s the link to download the file: Sri Lanka Expenses.

Sri Lanka expenses table

In one tab is the amount in the local currency, rupees. There is another tab with the amount in US dollars. As long as you have Excel, you should be able to click the little arrows to the left of each expense category (“Transport” for example) to see each expense within that category one-by-one.



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  1. For some reason, this makes me laugh. 🙂 A spreadsheet is my favorite trip planning tool (although I use it mostly to organize information and not necessarily just numbers) so it makes me happy I’m not alone in that habit. 😀

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