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Hiking in Medellin Las Cuevas del Higueron

The Ups and Downs of Hiking to Las Cuevas del Higueron in Medellin

With caves, a waterfall, an ancient trail, and being so easily accessible from Medellin, the Cuevas del Higueron hike would seem like a can’t miss. It’s worth doing… but it has its ups and downs, literally and figuratively. Here’s all you need to know for a self-guided hike.

Medellín Weekend Getaway to Jardín, Colombia

Hidden waterfalls, birds and fruit galore, authentic coffee farm tours, and more. For those looking for a perfect getaway from Medellin, these are some of the unexpected highlights you’ll find in the beautiful, colorful town of Jardin, Colombia.

Gift Ideas For Travelers

No hokey gadgets. No useless items they’ll “forget” to pack. Take it from me, someone who travels for a living: If you’re looking for gift ideas for someone going traveling, these are items they’ll thank you for again and again.

Things To Know Before Moving To Medellin

What to bring, how to stay safe, what to worry about, how best to feed yourself, how to work off all that avocado you’ll be eating, and 17 more tips for any expat or digital nomad thinking of moving to Medellin.

Cerro Quitasol Hike in Medellín: From Metro Station to Mountaintop

This in an awesome hike in Medellin, with eye-popping views, interesting and varied trails, a refreshing swimming area, and a cool, undiscovered neighborhood. But it’s also easy to get lost. So if you’re looking to do the Cerro Quitasol hike without a guide, read this first.