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Cerro Tusa Hike: Everything You (Really, Seriously) Need to Know

The Cerro Tusa hike isn’t your typical hike. It’s the steepest, crawl-your-way-up-and-don’t-look-down hike we’ve ever done. Make that tried. One of us didn’t make it up. Here’s all you need to know to do the hike yourself including how to get there, whether a guide is necessary, and how to prepare yourself.

Venecia Antioquia guide cover photo

Guide to Venecia, Antioquia, an Undiscovered Gem Outside Medellin

If you want to be one of the rare few foreigners to visit Venecia, Antioquia here are the things to do and where to sleep, eat, and drink. (There’s more than Cerro Tusa!) It’s only 2 hours from Medellin, but you’ll feel like you’re in a completely different country and century.