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About The Unconventional Route

Meet Kim and Chris, the curious couple behind the Unconventional Route blog: Who they are and their past, present, and future.

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Work With Us

PAGE STATS 138k page views in the past 28 days 3 minutes average time on page READERS 59% North American 14% Europe 10% Asia 15% Other SOCIAL 67k Pinterest Views / Month 1674 Engaged Email Subscribers Why Work With Us Since we started The Unconventional Route in late 2017, we’ve grown quickly to over 130,000 … Read post

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These travel blogging commandments are dos and don’ts that too many of us bloggers have backward. We’ve challenged ourselves to follow them. Will You?

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At The Unconventional Route, we consider the privacy of our visitors to be extremely important. This privacy policy document describes in detail the types of personal information is collected and recorded by us and how we use it. Log Files Like many other sites, our site makes use of log files. These files merely log … Read post