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What’s the Best Way to Treat a Hangover?

Who better to ask for hangover cures than the ones who hand them out for a living? So at this year’s Science World Science of Cocktails extravaganza, Vancouver’s annual and exclusive fundraiser (read our summary here), we asked Canada’s top mixologists (and the Mayor of Vancouver just because), “What’s your secret hangover cure?”

Surprisingly, the answers were all over the map. Here they are, with our Top 5 favourites at the end of this post.

The Professionals’ Favourite Hangover Cures

“More Where That Came From” Hangover Cures

“2 shots of Jamesons, 2 shots of pickle brine, 1 pint of water. Lemon water.”

– Chris Chuy, partner and bartender at Lavish Liquids

“Pickle back” (a shot of whiskey is chased by a shot of pickle brine) 

– Alice Hudon, bartender at Mosquito and Assistant GM at Monkey 9 Brewery

“Corpse Reviver #2” (gin, Lillet blanc, Cointreau, lemon juice, absinthe)

– Alvin Ramchurn, Brand Ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin

“Can of coke or Corpse Reviver #2”

– Shane Mulvaney, bartender at Alo Restaurant

“A Bloody Mary”

– Jon Smolensky, Owner of Sovereign Wine & Spirits, who had a “No comment” when asked why not a Caesar instead

“Double fist. A double caesar in one hand and the cheapest lager possible in the other.”

– Amber Bruce, bar manager at The Keefer

“6 Caesers and an Advil.”

– Max Borrowman, Bar Manager at Juniper

“A shot of Fernet before bed”

– Philip Karatsyupa, bar manager at Ancora

“Pickle back” (a shot of whiskey is chased by a shot of pickle brine) 

– Alice Hudon, bartender at Mosquito and Assistant GM at Monkey 9 Brewery

Science World Science of Cocktails Hangover Cures
Healing that hangover with more booze: Corpse Reviver #2 Photo Credit: Cocktail Dudes

“Possible Ulterior Motive?” Hangover Cures:

“Drink lots of water”  

– The ladies at the Happy Water-sponsored hydration station

Happy Planet Extreme Green Smoothie. Passion fruit is the magic ingredient.” 

– Gregor Robertson, Mayor of Vancouver and Founder and Former Owner of Happy Planet

“Glorious Grease” Hangover Cures:


 – Donnie Wheeler, Havana Club brand ambassador

“A burger.” 

– Julia Comu, bartender at PiDGiN

Science World - Science of Cocktails Hangover Cure
Is a greasy burger the best hangover cure? Photo Credit: Lady & Pups

“Off-the Record” Hangover Cures

“Pot oil right before bed. A blend of 1-to-1 CBD and THC oils. Then advil in the morning.”

– Unnamed bartender 1

Wake and bake”

– Unnamed bartender 2

Science World Science of Cocktails - Hangover Cures

 Rational Hangover Cures

“Flat ginger ale with bitters after. And pickle juice. It thins your blood and brings back the feeling of being drunk. It’s hair of the dog minus the dog.”  

– Kelsey, server of Absolut’s Strawberry Mule Slushy

“Don’t drink draft because goes through a plastic tube full of bacteria that makes your hangover worse. And drink water on a 1-to-1 basis.” 

– either Dave or Geoff Mott, owners of Brandywine Bartending School

“At Least the Drink is Sparkling” Hangover Cures

“B12 and ginger beer and Angostura bitters.”

– Rob Hoover from The Union

“Carbonated water with lime juice.”

– Christos Kalaitzis, mixologist and brand ambassador at Central City Brewers & Distillers

“Sparking water and orange juice.”

– Carolyn Yu, Bar Manager at The Revel Room

Science World Science of Cocktails Jenner Cormier
It’s hard to avoid being hungover when you have World Class bartenders making you drinks. This is Jenner Cormier pouring some premium Ciroc martinis from last week’s event.

“Get Wet” Hangover Cures

“Hot tub, then cold shower”

– Gez McAlpine, brand ambassador for Bruichladdich single malt and the Botanist gin


– Alissa Horn from the Four Season’s YEW Seafood & Bar

“Steam room. And sweat it out at the gym with a sickening workout.”

– Lauren Mote, Bar & Beverage Consultant for Four Seasons and Co-Owner of Bittered Sling Bitters

Science World - Science of Cocktails - Alvin Ramchurn Hendricks Gin
Alvin Ramchurn, Canadian Brand Ambassador for Hendricks pouring a normal Tuxedo in an unusual jacket.

“To Each Their Own” Hangover Cures

“Blue Powerade and sushi.”

– Graham Masters from Guilt and Co.

 “Orange pop and pho”

– Eric Johnson, serving up Kahlua Krispie Paralyzers

“But That’s No Fun” Hangover Cures

“Less stupidity.”

– Brant, Server of the Kombucha Paloma from Hornitos Tequila and Rise Kombucha

“Eat something. Water in the morning.”

– Nico (who wasn’t really doing much at the Negroni both) since Maker Labs‘ robot was making them for him


– Olivia Povarchook, bartender at Juniper Kitchen & Bar

“Stick to one thing. Drink as much water as alcohol”

– Frank Grosser, serving up the Smoked Pork Fat Wash Boulevardier Ice Cream

“Drink more water. Don’t drink too many sweet drinks.”

– Joe Luckhurst, from Road 13 Vineyards

“Drink water. And an Advil.”

– Corey at Parallel 49 Brewings’s booth

“Only drink straight booze. No sugar.”

– Matt Cooke from OLO Restaurant

“Sugar [avoid it], hydration and sleep.”

– Keith Trusler, Brand Ambassador at Corby Spirit and Wine Limited

“One drink, one water and just keep drinking. If i stick to it it’s always golden.”
– Micah Dew, from Metropolitan Bartending School
Science World Science of Cocktails Glenlivet Founder's Reserve
Cutting straight to the good stuff: Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve on ice

Other Hangover Cures

“Double down. Aspirin and Tylenol. Well, that’s before liquid gels came out. Now a liquid gel.”

– Either Dave or Geoff Mott, owners of Brandywine Bartending School

“Those tablets you throw in water. And water and Advil before and after sleep.”
– Jenner Cormier, Winner of Diageo World Class Canada 2013, BOL’s Around the World competition 2013
“Salt. Caesars and everything. Less sugar.”
– Aimee Corno, Bar Manager at The Acorn

The Juice Truck has a good cure for after.”

– Drake, serving the Mary Pickford at the Diplomatico Rum station

“Teaspoon baking soda, a pint glass of water, and half a lemon”

– Michael Mooney, Brand Ambassador for Monkey Shoulder Whisky

“I Give Up”

“I have the worst hangovers of all time so I’m the worst person to ask.”

– Geri Grohs, Server of Bacardi and cold brew coffee cocktail El Patrimonio

Blending In’s Top 5 Hangover Cures:

5. “The next beer. One beer isn’t enough. It always takes two beers the next morning.”

– Stefano Righetti, bartender at The Keefer

4.  “Cheese and sauce anything. Lots and lots. It doesn’t work though.”

– Keith Hoffman from Blue Water Café 

3.  “Wake up. Early. 6 a.m. Drink some pop. Go back to sleep. And you’ll be good.”

– Steve Hubley, Serving up Road 13 Frosé slushies

2. Pedialyte. Anyone who doesn’t answer Pedialyte is crazy. It’s for kids when they’re sick. I toured in a country band sponsored by Jack Daniels for 5 years. I know a thing or two about hangovers.”

– Matt Majid, flair bartending champion from Elite Cocktails

1.  “Shabbath. Lie down in your bathtub, plug the tub, and turn the shower on. Or just stay drunk.”

– Grant Sceney, Head Bartender at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

Final Verdict

In summary, everyone has ideas for the best hangover cures, but nobody knows. So here’s a suggestion for the organizers of next year’s Science of Cocktails event (for which you should get pre-sale tickets ASAP before they sell out again): follow it up with a sister event the next morning, the Science of Hangovers. We need it.

What’s Your Go-To Hangover Cure?

Help reduce human suffering by please sharing your wisdom in the comments below.

And if you want to find out more about the Science of Cocktails, read our post, “Can you Drink Liquid Nitrogen?”

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