Escape the Ordinary and Be a Trailblazer

This quote is what we’re all about:

“I took the one less traveled by And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

Oh, and this one’s pretty important too:

“It is impossible to produce superior performance unless you do something different.” – John Templeton

Can’t forget about this quote either:

“The beginning of greatness is to be different, and the beginning of failure is to be the same.” – Roy Whittier

Ok, that’s enough quotes.

You get the point.

We all get the point. But very few of us have the balls to live it.

We have to find those balls, polish them, put them into action, and grow them. Then we have to help others find their own balls. That’s what The Unconventional Route’s about. It’s a gym for balls.

Being different isn’t easy, but it’s the only way to live extraordinary, trailblazing lives.

And we plan on having a ball doing it.

Chris Beer Blind Taste Tasting Colombia

Who’s Chris?

Chris does most of the writing and all of the editing at The Unconventional Route, so if something here offends you, bitch and moan at him, not poor, innocent Kim.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Chris started life on the conventional route. He went to university, studied hard, got good grades, and ended up with a fancy corporate job.

Then things started to go sideways.

Chris got restless. To spice things up, he convinced his bosses to send him to Panama. There, he let his hair out (literally and physically) and soon got fed up with the conventional route.

So he “pre-tired.”

He traveled indefinitely until he somehow found himself running a business exporting frozen blueberries to Mexico. Legal issues ensued, so he moved on to co-owning a hostel, and starting a bug-food business.

And he met Kim.


Who’s Kim?

Kim’s makes The Unconventional Route look good, manages all the social accounts, and fights hard to prevent Chris from going off the deep end.

Like Chris, Kim’s life started off life pretty conventionally. She grew up in North Vancouver, stayed close to home to study at UBC, then got a corporate job in town with a mining company.

But then she went traveling and, as is often the case, that led her astray (in a good way).

She met a guy on the road (not Chris) and followed him to Dubai. The relationship quickly fizzled (surprise, surprise) but she stayed and started her own grain-free granola company.

Then, while back home for Christmas, she met Chris.

Their relationship hasn’t fizzled. Yet.

In addition to her work on The Unconventional Route, Kim runs FRDM Athletics, where she gets people in shape by putting the fun in functional fitness. She also does freelance graphic and web design.

Chris and Kim at the Banaue Rice Terraces pre-The Unconventional Route
Chris: “How about we work really hard for a long time and for no money?”
Kim: “Great idea! Let’s become bloggers!”

How and Why the Hell Did We Start Blogging?

The Unconventional Route began in the Philippines in October 2016.

While hiking around the Banaue Rice Terraces and admiring the abundance of edible plants, we started wondering what kind of crazy smoothie we could make from them. And instead of just wondering, we decided to try.

At our next destination in the Philippines, Coron, we got started. We asked around, “If you were to make a smoothie that represented your homeland, what ingredients would you use?”

When people asked us why we wanted to know, for some reason we lied. We said we were bloggers even though we weren’t.

Being “bloggers” escalated things quickly. We got invites to farms, bars, and restaurants all over, made new friends, and had all sorts of adventures.

The pressure was on. We had no choice but to actually become the bloggers we said we were and share our experiences (and our smoothie recipe).

And we haven’t stopped blogging since.

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