The Unconventional Route began in the Philippines in October 2016. While hiking through the jungle and walking along rice paddies admiring the abundance of edible plants, we thought it would be fun to ask locals, “If you had to make a smoothie that represented your homeland, what ingredients would you use?”

To get answers from the VIPs of the area, we lied and said we were “bloggers.” Our lie worked better than we could have ever expected. Asking an unconventional question and saying we were bloggers opened the door to all sorts of adventures, hidden gems, and local characters. We couldn’t help but actually become the bloggers we had said we were to share our experiences (and our smoothie recipe).

And we haven’t stopped since.

Who’s Chris?

If Chris didn’t have to cook another meal in his life, he’d be the happiest man alive. He loves nachos and smoothies and secretly wishes he could fit his Vitamix in his pocket for all our travels.

Previously, Chris worked for Procter & Gamble in Geneva and in Panama for five years, “pre-tired,” exported frozen blueberries to Mexico, co-owned The Squamish Adventure Inn, and had a bug-food business. The randomness continues, and so does the “pre-tirement.”

Chris is the main content creator and editor of The Unconventional Route, so if something here offends you, complain to him.

Who’s Kim?

Kim has a knack for Halloween costumes and handstands and is also a natural in the kitchen (lucky for Chris).

Aspiring to have as random of a career as Chris, she started working for a Canadian mining company in Health & Safety, had her own grain-free granola company, and lived in Barcelona, Mexico City, and Dubai. Now she’s helping people get fit, stay fresh, and have fun fast with her personal training company in Medellin, FRDM Athletics.

Kim’s job is to make The Unconventional Route look pretty and to be social on the interwebs.

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