Where to Eat in Coron, Palawan, Philippines

During our trip to Coron, Kim and I interviewed locals, foodies, and business owners to find out where to eat in Coron.

It wasn’t easy. Truly great food here in the Philippines is as elusive as the dugong.

But, unlike the dugong, we found some!

So don’t settle for rice and meat on a stick. Take our advice on where to eat in Coron (and Busuanga), Palawan, Philippines.

Where to Eat in Coron Town

Filipino Cordon Bleu at Singuba Sa Balay

Not cordon bleu the dish, but food from a Cordon Bleu-trained chef at chicken adobo prices. The chicken adobo, tuna sisig, and mie goring (noodles made in-house) were all fantastic at this friendly, informal, serve yourself water and cutlery establishment.

Eggplant With a View from Levine’s

This place was so good it made Kim’s Top 5 experiences in Coron (read the rest here). The food (especially the 80 peso spicy eggplant with rice), and bargain 100 peso 1litre Red Horse beers were almost as awesome as the sunset views from their third-floor rooftop patio.

Get Real Good Nachos at Get Real Café + Bar

Somehow, despite applying the curious Filipino habit of not baking the nachos and using cheese sauce instead of real cheese, these nachos work. Maybe it’s because the chips are made to order. Maybe it’s because of the delicious sauces used by head chef Maui (ask for him if you’re there and he might just hook you up with his extra special sauce). Or maybe it’s because they’re huge. Whatever it is, at 200 pesos a plate, these are “nacho” average nachos.

Comfort Food at Altrove

The pizzas at Altrove aren’t cheap, but that’s because they don’t skimp on key ingredients (ehem, cheese). The wood fired, thin crust pizzas here are a nice respite from rice.

“Winnie’d” to Mention Winnie’s

While the crab curry we had didn’t “Winnie” us over, Winnie’s was unanimously recommended to us by every single local we asked them where to eat in Coron so we have to mention it. Either they’re all wrong or we just got unlucky with our choice of plate.

The Food’s Friendly at Brujita’s

The vibe we got from the European owner wasn’t Filipino-friendly, but the we were taste buddies with the food. The veggie options here were perhaps the best we had all trip.

Best Food Outside Coron Town

Farm-to-Table Dining at Laura’s Garden

Ambitious, and awesome-English speaking Laura just recently reopened her restaurant off the side of the highway just before Concepcion (30km from Coron Town). In a beautiful spot with a natural stream surrounded by lush vegetation, Laura takes advantage of her 7 hectare property to grow many of her own veggies and herbs, which she uses to make her own dishes. It’s a rare opportunity to eat locally sourced food in Palawan!

Tagbanua Coffee at The Funny Lion

Our friend Raul, owner of Pedro’s Gelato in town, pointed us here for their excellent Tagbuana coffee (made using traditional methods by the tribe that owns Coron Island and served with cashew milk (!)). We ended up making the almost daily pilgrimage (ok, 20 peso tricycle ride) back for more. Take advantage of their 500 peso Dip and Dine promotion (one of our 11 Top Things to Do in Coron) to get access to their relaxing pool and 400 peso credit at their restaurant. The food was excellent.

Those Dough Balls

On the highway just before the turn-off to Ocam Ocam is a little shack that sells delicious baseball-sized, sesame covered fried dough balls for just 5 pesos. Thinking they were standard fare, Kim and I only o . Big mistake. We never found them elsewhere. So if you’re heading to Ocam Ocam, read our 5 tips before going, then energize yourself with a dough ball or two before braving the treacherous 4 km road into the village. 

The Captains That Picked the Wrong Career

Our captain Toto and his assistant blew us away with the presentation and cooking on our VIP private boat trip around Coron Island (one of both Kim and my top 5 experiences).

Map of Where to Eat In Coron

To help you find each place on our list, here’s a map. It also has some of our favorite things to do and things to avoid.

What’s Your Pick?

Let us know in the comments what you experience was at any of the above places, or if we missed your fave!

And if you’re looking for ways to burn all those calories, check out our list of top things to do in Coron, and Kim and my top 5 picks.

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