Costs of Traveling in the Deep South

In case you are planning a trip to the Southern US and want to get an idea of the costs, here’s a detailed report of every cent spent during my trip. Totals here include taxes and tips. Accommodation and the rental car were split with my cousin. This is only my share.

Here’s the link to the Excel sheet: Expenses – South Trip. Click the little arrows to see the itemized details of each Expense Type. Southern Expenses


  • Damn, I spend more than twice as much as in Sri Lanka. In half the time.
  • Booze is the biggest expense?! If alcohol didn’t taste so dang good there’s no telling how much richer I’d be (and probably many more brain cells too)
  • Two out of 8 accommodation-free nights saves a bunch. One was due to a night bus from Memphis to New Orleans, the other from sleeping in the car.
  • “Drinks” are non-alcoholic
  • For dinner and lunch we always ate out at recommended local places. You could save money by cooking for yourself, but then would miss out on what’s probably the biggest attraction of the trip.
  • For breakfast we bought fruit, yogurt, and nuts from grocery stores. The expenses are reported on the day we bought from the stores, not when I ate the food. Often the groceries would be enough for two or more days, which is why there is no expense for breakfast on some days.


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