The Unconventional Route began with on a trip to the Philippines, in October 2016. While hiking through the jungle and walking along rice paddies admiring the abundance of edible plants, we thought it would be fun to ask locals to help us create a smoothie that represented their homeland. So we did! And surprisingly asking them this unconventional question ended up introducing us to all sorts of adventures, hidden gems, and local characters. We couldn’t help but feel compelled to share our experiences. And we haven’t stopped since.


Who’s Chris?

If Chris didn’t have to cook another meal in his life, he’d be the happiest man alive. He loves nachos and smoothies and secretly wishes he could fit his Vitamix in his pocket for all our travels. Previously, Chris worked for Procter & Gamble in Geneva and in Panama for five years. He’s a co-owner of the Squamish Adventure Inn and is always working on his next big idea (including a bug food business). With a business and finance background, he’s extremely organized and keeps a detailed journal of our unconventional life. Chris is the main content creator and editor of The Unconventional Route and ensures whatever we do, we do as affordably as possible.

Who’s Kim?

Kim has a knack for Halloween costumes and handstands. She’s also a natural in the kitchen (lucky for Chris). Before getting lost in food and digital marketing in which she currently works (now selling an unconventional granola!), she spent time working for a Canadian mining company in Health & Safety. She’s lived in Barcelona, Mexico City and Dubai and feels at ease in new, foreign surroundings. When she’s not practicing handstands or cooking, she’s snapping photos and researching new places to eat. Kim is the creative and social media editor at The Unconventional Route.

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